What Are The Characteristics of Development? Read to Find Out

Development is a continuous and lifelong process. That means you continue to develop all through your life and right to the end. Development improvement in your well-being can be an improvement in your opportunities and freedom, or it simply can be a positive mindset.

Understanding how development works is a crucial part of personal development as it directly correlates with a person’s capability to work. So, to bring an overall qualitative and quantities change in your life, you first need to understand what are the characteristics of development.

In this article, we’ll explain what development is and what are its characteristics.

What Are The Characteristics of Development

What is Development

Development is a word that is used to specify the state of growth or advancement. It is also used to talk about a new or advanced idea about a thing or the state of life. Generally, the term is used to indicate good change.

To quote Hurlock, “Development means progressive series of changes that occur in an orderly predictable pattern as a result of maturation and experience.

So, it’s a change in both capability and growth over time. It is simply maturation resulting from our interaction with our environment.

The Characteristics of Development

As stated earlier, it is important to understand some basic traits of development to understand how it works and how we can use the characteristics to our advantage. Continue reading below to find out more about the top nine characteristics of development.

It’s a Continuous and Lifelong Process

If you consider your personal physical development, it began way before you were born, inside your mother’s womb. And it will continue up until you die. Even though you don’t notice yourself changing in the course of a few days, you sure do in a few months or years.

Similarly, your personal development too is a continuous process. And it happens at a slow but continuous pace.

Development is Not Erratic, But Systematic

Developmental changes occur in a systematic, orderly, and progressive fashion. Developmental patterns are usually from general to specific. Meaning you’ll develop certain specific traits over a long period of general development.

The complexity of the development, too, works in this order. Your simple developments will turn into more complex character developments later on.

Development is multi-Dimensional

Development is both multi-directional and multi-dimensional. This means, you’ll notice a great increase in some areas of your personal development, while some areas will gradually decline. Usually, the change or increase in development occurs towards a higher level of functionality.

For example, you will notice a higher level of vocabulary in grown adults than in young children.

Different Aspects of Development Happens at Different Rates

Though development happens continuously, it is not a uniform process. So, you’ll notice periods of accelerated and decelerated developments. Both physical and mental development happens the fastest during the first few years of life. Then it slows down. It again accelerates during adolescence.

Because not all aspects of mental growth progress at the same rate, different people reach their maturity at different times.

Almost all Developments are Correlated

Physical development and mental development are intimately correlated. Similarly, different mental traits are parts of the same mental development. This is noticeable for children whose mental development is more developed than others at the same age, who show superiority in other aspects as well.

Development Requires Interactions

Neither your genetics nor your environment can ensure your complete development unless you interact. They are necessary though. They play a very big role in how much you learn and develop from your interaction.

Development is Both about Quality and Quantity

With physical growth, we grow in quality regarding our personality traits. This means, with age, mental and emotional functions are supposed to develop. So, the development is both qualitative and quantitative in nature.

Different Factors Affect Development

Development and growth, both mentally and physically, are very complex things. Numerous factors contribute to it. Social and family environments, social status, health, sex, nutrition, etc. all play a major role in this.

5 Steps to Ensure Personal Development

Here’s how you can maximize your personal development by following these 5 simple traits.

  • Create a sense of awareness within yourself. Aspire for change because only you can help yourself.
  • With your newly created awareness, and desire for things. Most importantly, desire the developments you want or need.
  • Learn the skills you need, to grow, develop, and sustain. Seek professional help if you need to.
  • Set reasonable goals and take action to meet those goals.
  • Be patient. Changes don’t come overnight. Development takes time. Be supportive of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the types of development?

There are a total of five types of developments. They are physical, cognitive or intellectual, moral, social, and emotional development.

What are the objectives of development?

The main objectives of development are to lead a healthy and hopefully long life, to be a knowledgeable person, and to gain essential skills for a good standard of living.

Final Thoughts

Just like physical growth, mental development comes over time. It requires patience and quality interaction with your surroundings. To maximize development, practice ways to stop procrastination and be proactive. Build necessary skills and practice good hygiene and healthcare. Thanks for reading.

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