[4 Easy Methodes] How Do I Start an Instagram Business Online?

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the finest media-sharing platforms that lets you connect with other users and build relationships with brands. With over 2 billion active users, it proves itself a fantastic marketing channel that can successfully promote your brand.  

Therefore, if you want to start a business online, Instagram can be a great platform for that. It helps both brands and users. Brands get benefits when users shop from them and users get benefits as they find numerous brands on this platform. 

This post contains all the relevant information that’ll help you to start an Instagram business online including how to create a business account and marketing strategy. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into them. 

How Do I Start an Instagram Business Online

What to Do to Start an Instagram Business Online?

To start an Instagram business online, the first thing you need is an Instagram account. And if you don’t have one, create an account first. It’s pretty simple. On the contrary, if you already have one then you may proceed further. Once the account is ready, you’ve to do the following tasks respectively –

1. Switch to the Business Account

This is the first step to starting an Instagram business. You need to convert your personal account to a business account. To do that –

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile and at the top-right corner, tap the three lines icon.

Step 2: Then select Settings and privacy.

Step 3: Now, scroll down to Account type and tools under For professionals.

Step 4: After that, under Account type, tap on Switch to Professional Account.

Step 5: Next, choose a Category (make use of the slider if you want to show it on your profile).

Step 6: Tap on Continue repeatedly until the next segment appears. 

Step 7: Then select Business and tap on Next

NOTE: There are two types of professional accounts: Business and Creator. This article is based on Business. Basically, the influencers and content creators run the creator account. And if you want to run your account as a brand, you’ll want to set it up as a business.

Step 8: Now, add or edit your contact info (make use of the slider if you want to show it on your profile) and tap on Next.

Step 9: If you prefer to connect this business account with your Facebook business page just follow the prompts.

NOTE: Basically it’s optional, but you should do this if you want to run ads on Instagram or use Instagram shopping features.

2. Provide Business Information

In the Bio section, describe your brand in brief including the prominent business information within 150 characters. Additionally –

  • Make sure to upload profile pictures of 320 x 320 pixels.
  • Provide the link to your website or latest post or campaign, etc in your bio.
  • Add an action button that allows customers to perform specific actions virtually. To do so, go to Edit Profile and then Action Buttons.
  • Upload proper Instagram story highlights that include information about your brand or your products. This will enrich your business profile. 

3. Create a Product Catalog

You’ll need a product catalog for various purposes including running ads or tagging products in content. To create a product catalog, all you need to do is –

Step 1: First, go to Meta Business Suit and then Commerce Manager.

Step 2: Tap on Get Started, Create a Catalog, and Get Started respectively.

Step 3: Next, tap on E-commerce and go for Next.

Step 4: Now, if you’ve got a shop on any e-commerce platform, tap on Connect a partner platform and follow the instructions to create the catalog. 

Else, tap on Upload product info, name your catalog, and go for Next.

Step 5: Finally, select View catalog in order to open your catalog, then tap on Add items to add your products. 

4. Enable Instagram Shopping

Now that you’ve added your products to the catalog, you need to enable the shopping features. In this case –

Step 1: Go to Menu by tapping the three lines and select Settings and Privacy.

Step 2: Now get into Business and choose Set up a shop.

Step 3: Now, tap on Get Started and follow the instructions in order to place your shop for review purposes.

Step 4: After that, you’ve to wait for the approval. To check the approval status, navigate through Settings and Privacy> Business > Shopping

Step 5: When your shop is approved by Instagram, tap on your product catalog. That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

Is Instagram good for online business?

Yes, it is. Instagram can be a powerful tool for businesses to ensure brand awareness, increase sales, and build relationships with customers. It’s a great way to reach customers as they’re already spending time on it. Moreover, Instagram can help you to get audience insights that can be pretty useful for generating your marketing strategies. 

How do I get paid on Instagram?

There are a few standard ways to get paid on Instagram. Those are – being partnered with reputable brands, from the badges on live videos or reels, from the sale on this platform, and from the recurring monthly subscription.

How do I boost followers on Instagram?

There are some effective ways to do that. Such as – optimizing your account, keeping consistency in uploading content; engaging with influencers, brands, and obviously customers; avoiding making fake followers, showcasing your account in every possible way everywhere, etc.    


Thus far, we’ve shared all the necessary information that you’ll definitely need to start and grow a business online on Instagram. Make sure to accomplish all the tasks given above as instructed to confirm a successful business account. All the steps are pretty convenient so there’s nothing to worry about. Feel free to let us know if you find this post useful.

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